Numerical Investigation of the Behaviour of Thin-Walled Metal Tubes Under Axial Impact

  • L. Prince Jeya LalEmail author
  • S. Ramesh
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


Dynamic axial impact of metallic thin-walled tubes of square and circular hollow sections is performed and the impact responses of the lightweight thin tubes along with progressive deformations are simulated. Peak force, crushing modes and force dissipation ability of tubes are determined using a non-linear finite element tool Abaqus CAE. The effectiveness of Abaqus CAE as a tool to model thin tubes and to moderate experimental crash testing is presented. Study shows that concentrically arranged multiple tubes have higher energy absorption properties. Results reveal that for double tubes and steel–aluminium configuration highest energy absorption is recorded. Similarly, for three tubes and aluminium–steel–aluminium configuration highest energy absorption is recorded. Also simulations disclose that the inner tube influences the overall crush behaviour.


Thin-walled tubes Dynamic axial impact Energy absorption 


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