Experimental Determination of Fluid Flow Parameters to Study Permeation Process Inside a Porous Channel

  • Hussain NajmiEmail author
  • Eddy El-Tabach
  • Nicolas Gascoin
  • Khaled Chetehouna
  • François Falempin
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


Porous channels are actively used in the field of transpiration cooling and fuel cell applications. Therefore, it is important to study the fluid flow inside the porous channel and different factors affecting it. In this study, fluid flow analysis is performed using four different gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and helium. The effects of different inlet flowrates and feed pressures are investigated on the fluid properties. It is found that the viscous sublayer thickness is not the only parameter which governs the permeation inside the porous stainless steel tube. There are also some more parameters which should be taken into account while studying the permeation in a porous tube in addition to the boundary layer. These parameters are the velocity of the main flow, Vz (i.e., axial flow), momentum in the main flow, Mz (i.e., in axial direction), momentum in radial direction, My, density, ρ, and viscosity, µ.


Permeation Regenerative cooling Separation process Fuel cell Porous tube 


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  • Hussain Najmi
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  • Eddy El-Tabach
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  • Nicolas Gascoin
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  • Khaled Chetehouna
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  • François Falempin
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  2. 2.University of Orléans, IUT BourgesBourgesFrance
  3. 3.MBDALe Plessis-Robinson CedexFrance

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