Fission Product Removal by Vacuum Spraying in a Heavy Water Moderated Molten Salt Reactor

  • Thomas Jam PedersenEmail author
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In the MSRE at ORNL volatile, fission products were removed from the salt in the pump chamber via a helium flow gas and a spraying mechanism. Copenhagen Atomics (CA) proposes a new partial vacuum spraying mechanism for removal of volatile fission products from the salt and show that it is likely that up to 50% of fission products can be removed with this simple method. Combining partial vacuum spraying with a heavy water moderated molten salt reactor, CA suggests that it would be possible to develop a breeder reactor in thermal spectrum without online pyro or wet chemistry salt cleanup. Doing this by introducing ceramic materials and new production techniques includes aerographite insulation materials.


Thorium MSR Fission products Xenon extraction Helium bubbling Nozzle spraying Aerosol Volatile fission products Heavy water moderator Breeder reactor Aerographite LIBS Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Copenhagen Atomics ThEC15 Mumbai BARC 



Thanks to Aslak Stubsgaard and Thomas Steenberg for providing valuable information which has been presented in this paper. The main sponsor for this work was Th Engineering (


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