Left Uniportal VATS Pneumonectomy

  • Peter Sze Yuen Yu
  • Calvin S. H. NgEmail author


Pneumonectomy is usually indicated for more complex or advanced lung cancers, that are centrally located. The decision to proceed with pneumonectomy should not be done lightly as the surgical procedure itself is often considered a disease in itself that can be associated with potentially severe and life-threatening complications [1–3]. A sleeve resection procedure to preserve a lobe should be the operation of choice when circumstances allow [4–6]. The general principles for lung cancer surgery regarding patient having adequate lung function to tolerate the procedure and adequate lung cancer staging is paramount when preparing a patient for pneumonectomy.

Supplementary material

Video 1

The common basal inferior pulmonary vein dissected, slung with silk tie and divided by advanced curve tip vascular endostapler (MP4 71366 kb)

Video 2

The left lower lobe apical segment vein was almost completely separate. The vessel was dissected, slung with silk tie and divided by advanced curve tip vascular endostapler (MP4 67375 kb)

Video 3

Left upper lobe trisegment vein anatomically quite separate from lingular vein, and divided first by vascular endostapler (MP4 61185 kb)

Video 4

Lingular vein can be clipped by devices such as Hem-o-lok clips or Grena clips and then cut, but in this case was also divided by vascular endostapler (MP4 125181 kb)

Video 5

The main pulmonary artery trunk is the last vessel to be divided during left pneumonectomy by vascular endostapler. The use of an endocameleon camera can be seen with adjustment of viewing angle providing better visual field (MP4 463922 kb)


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