Conclusion: Contestation of Gender in the “Land of the Desert”

  • Camilla May Cockerton


Gender is pivotal to conceptualising migration. Not only has Tswana women’s migration to South Africa been downplayed or ignored, so too has the concept of gender that might help us to unravel the complexities of this movement. This book has attempted to show what happens in a colonial setting where Tswana and British men interact. My basic argument has been that this male discourse was neither completely harmonious, nor equal, nor static as befitted the difference in power and status of the colonial setting. Despite men’s attempts to stop or control female migrancy, Tswana women continued to evade men’s control in growing numbers through the colonial period. They succeeded in migrating by relying upon each other, creating new networks, and forming matrilocal three-generational households.


Gender Migration Colonial Discourse Power Status 

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