• Bhupendra Koul
  • Pooja Taak


Soil and water contamination through heavy metals, hydrocarbons and radioactive wastes is of global concern as these factors have cumulative effect on the environment and human health. Removal of contaminants from polluted soils is one of the major challenging tasks in the twenty-first century. Nanobioremediation is an emerging technology for remediation of pollutants with the aid of biosynthetic nanoparticles. Because of their unique chemical and physical properties, nanoparticles have gained the attention of scientists from different fields of environmental sciences. Nanobioremediation, an offshoot of nanotechnology, is a promising and rapidly growing soil remediation technology. The present chapter summarizes the synthesis of nanoparticles from yeast, fungi, bacteria and plants and their potential uses for remediation of polluted soils and sludges. Nanobioremidiation can be deployed where the other conventional remediation treatments do not prove to be useful because nanoparticles are less toxic to soil flora and enhance the microbial activity. Although various researches have been conducted on the physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles still, more information is required about their interaction, and adsorption with the contaminated soils. Further researches in soil-bioremediation should focus on the combined use of nanoparticles, genetically modified microbes and plants to design environment friendly, cost-effective, robust and sustainable remediation strategies.


Nanotechnology Bioremediation Nanoparticles Contaminants Green synthesis 


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