Medical Image Watermarking in Transform Domain

  • Harsh Vikram SinghEmail author
  • Ankur Rai
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 851)


Telemedicine is a renowned application, where huge amount of medical data ought to be transported secretly over the open network and operate effectively. Therefore, watermarking is a suitable scheme for enhancing security and authentication of medical data, which is essential for diagnosis and can be used as further reference. Digital watermark methods are applied in numerous areas such as owner identification, copyright safety, broadcast monitoring and in handling medical data. This paper incorporates the detailed study of watermarking as well as proposed a robust and secure model for data embedding in medical image. This paper also discussed several telemedicine applications.


Digital watermarking Steganography Transform domain medical images Telemedicine 



The proposed scheme has been tested on a gray scale medical image of size 256×256 accessed and taken from MathWorks DICOM image [26] which are freely available for researchers to access and use.


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  2. 2.Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication EngineeringInvertis UniversityBareillyIndia

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