Investigation of Contact Pressure Oscillations with Different Segment-to-Segment Based Isogeometric Contact Formulations

  • Vishal Agrawal
  • Sachin S. GautamEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


Contact problems are considered to be highly sensitive to the geometrical approximation and to the choice of the contact constraint treatment procedures. NURBS based isogeometric analysis of contact problems has recently gained a lot of attention due to the ability of isogeometric analysis to exactly represent the surface of the contacting bodies. It has been observed that for the isogeometric based simulation of contact problems, both the segment-to-segment based non-mortar and mortar contact algorithms have been extensively applied for the treatment of the contact constraints. In this contribution, a comparative study between the non-mortar and mortar contact algorithms to investigate the differences between their accuracy and efficiency is carried out. The performance of each contact algorithm is demonstrated by means of the Hertz contact problem.


Contact mechanics Isogeometric analysis NURBS Mortar method 



The authors are grateful to the SERB, DST for supporting this research under project SR/FTP/ETA-0008/2014.


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