Novel Architecture for Internet of Things and Blockchain Technologies

  • Chetna DabasEmail author
  • Aniket Dabas
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 847)


Diverse companies and platforms are falling madly in love with the blockchain technology in the present scenario. So, it is of due importance that the relations among the different types of blockchains are established. Further, the extraction of capabilities of strengths of diverse blockchains catering to different kind of micro-services is a crucial step toward the realistic blockchain. This issue even became of utmost significance when specifically the researchers are dealing with Internet of things (IoT) purposes. The IoT in general is composed of a wide spectrum of technologies varying from soft real time to hard real time, from stateless through state full, and from unconstrained to constrained. Therefore, for all definite implementations, no definite blueprint of the IoT architecture may be referenced. When it comes to blockchain technology melded with IoT, the existing literature seems to lack a hybrid architecture which contains the best of both these worlds. This research paper proposes a hybrid architecture for IoT and blockchain along with the evaluation of this architecture by implementing an application for the same. The application is for a common user using these technologies which enable the user to select among diverse cryptocurrencies efficiently. The evaluation of the proposed architecture is carried out by implementing blockchain on IoT devices. The results retrieved as a part of this work are encouraging in terms of execution times.


Internet of things Blockchain Radio frequency identification IoT architecture 


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