Challenges in Mining Big Data Streams

  • Veena TayalEmail author
  • Ritesh Srivastava
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Big data deals with data of very large data size, heterogeneous data types and from different sources. The data is very complex in nature and having growing data. Dealing with big data is one of the emerging areas of research which is expanding at a rapid rate in all domains of engineering and medical sciences. A major challenge imposes on the analysis of big data is originated from big data generation source, which generate data with very fast speed with varying data distribution due to which the classical methods are unable to process big data. This paper discusses the characteristics, challenges, and issues with big data mining. It also illustrates the examples taken from various fields like medical, finance, social networking sites, stock exchange, etc. to realize the application and importance of big data mining. This paper explains about the use of parallel computing in data mining security issues and how to deal with them. Furthermore, this paper also discusses challenges associated with big streaming data with concept drifts.


Big data Data mining Machine learning Online learning 


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