Metabolomics Resources: An Introduction of Databases and Their Future Prospective

  • Neeraj Kumar
  • Vishal AcharyaEmail author


Metabolomics, an extended branch deals with targeted metabolite analysis, takes transcriptome and proteome analysis in consideration to solve complex biological puzzles. Improved insight in the metabolomics has generated huge complex of data that makes room for improved in silico methodologies to reveal the basic biological mechanism from the generated datasets. Despite, the recently developed tools, various software and metabolomics resources available and other information in the form of databases are currently lacking in providing precise and required information. Therefore, this chapter will provide the readers an overview of available open-source tools, algorithms, and workflow strategy to familiarize, promote, and facilitate metabolomics research and data processing frameworks. Though most of the tools and resources that have been described in this chapter include data processing, data annotation, and data visualization in mass spectrometry (MS) and NMR-based metabolomics and specific tools for untargeted metabolomics workflows, few advanced tools will also be discussed. The tools and resources discussed here have well-known collaborations of analytical data with reliance in computational platform. In the end, we have discussed about the future prospective for metabolomics resources.


Metabolomics Databases Mass spectrophotometer Annotation Molecular networking 



Application programming interfaces


Competitive fragmentation modeling


Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy


Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes


Liquid chromatography-mass chromatography


Matrix-free laser desorption/ionization


Nuclear magnetic resonance


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