Recent Advances in Plant Metabolites Analysis, Isolation, and Characterization

  • Ramit Singla
  • Vikas JaitakEmail author


Metabolites from natural sources either from terrestrial or marine sources serve as unmatched resources for new drug leads or diverse chemical identity. Due to ever-rising requirement for new pharmacophore in high-throughput screening and discovery for therapeutic drugs from metabolites, there has been motivated interest particularly in edible plants around the globe. Bioactive compounds are indispensable component present in different forms of botanicals, nutraceuticals, and herbal preparations used for the various medicinal applications. The prime focus in present chapter is to enlighten and discus diverse analytical methodologies which have been applied during extraction, isolation, and characterization of active constituents in botanicals, nutraceutical, and herbal preparations.


Plant Metabolites Extraction Chromatographic techniques Spectroscopy Quality Control 


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