How Small Numbers of Long Genomic DNA Are Stored in Cells

  • Kazuhiro MaeshimaEmail author


Our cells contain a nucleus with an incredibly small volume of ~ 1 picoliter (10−12, or one trillionth), inside which 2 m of genomic DNA is folded. There are two sets of this genomic DNA in the cell. How is genomic DNA stored in the cell? Also, how is information from specific genes searched for and retrieved? This issue is the most basic example of “minority biology”. In this chapter, we will explore this topic through a conversation between a biologist, K, and his daughter, high-school student S.



The described study was supported by MEXT(23115005), JSPS (16H04746), JST CREST (JPMJCR15G2) and Takeda Science Foundation.


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