Guns and Roses: The Nexus Between the Military and Citizenry in the New Security Environment

  • Steven RatuvaEmail author
  • Radomir Compel
  • Sergio Aguilar


This chapter provides an overview of the nexus between military and citizens often referred to as civil–military relations and argues that this cannot be reduced into a simplistic dichotomy as usually depicted, but consists of a syncretic and complex set of interactions and synergies which take different forms (including contradiction, accommodation and synthesis). The ever-changing new security environment has transformed and reset this relationship in a way which responds to the specific realities in different countries. It summarizes the approach of the book, which consists of 4 parts and 20 chapters, which is an attempt to bring together diverse experiences of different countries in a single volume to show how the relationship between the military and citizens cannot be understood purely in terms of a single metanarrative; such understanding requires the use of a range of interdisciplinary analytical tools in different political, socio-cultural, economic and historical contexts.

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