Belgium: Preventing Radicalisation on a Local Level and Working for an Inclusive Society

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In the first part of his piece, de Waele goes through the recent history of jihadist activity in Belgium, dealing in particular with the recent homegrown plots and the uptick in activity after 2012. He shows that the radicalisation process can vary markedly between individuals. At the same time, there are shared factors: including the sense of grappling with issues of identity and future prospects. De Waele then sketches out the federal (nationwide) approach in Belgium, spelling out in detail the components (preventing radicalisation, person-centric approaches and reintegration/aftercare). He concludes by offering thoughts on the need to go upstream, and strengthen social cohesion, also highlighting the need for all at the front line (teachers, imams, youth workers) to make connections with those who feel alienated in society.


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