Integrated Watershed Management and Groundwater Recharging: Initiatives of Centre for Ground Water Studies – A Public-Private Partnership Endeavour

  • S. N. Lahiri
  • S. P. Sinha Ray


The Government of India has adopted watershed management as a national policy since 2003. The Centre for Ground Water Studies has taken up a number of projects with the mode of public-private partnership. Endeavour has been made to bring together beneficiaries, local Panchayat functionaries and funding agency (M/s Bengal Beverage Pvt Ltd and Coca-Cola India) in Paschim Medinipur District to re-excavate Water Harvesting Structures. In another case, beneficiaries, Panchayat functionaries, IWWA (NGO) and funding agency PHED, WB joined together to construct a model rainwater harvesting hub in Purulia I Block. CGWS has given the necessary input of design, supervised the construction and implemented the project. Groundwater recharging in semiarid areas through re-excavation of ponds below the depth of average water table in driest months is providing water security to the communities in the lean period and also providing limited facilities for irrigation water and pisciculture. The need of the day is to extend such work as a peoples’ programme with the funding from industries under their CSR scheme.


Watershed Public-private partnership Beneficiaries Rainwater harvesting Groundwater recharging 



The authors are thankful to the WBSWDA Publication of Operational Guidelines of IWMP; PIA, IWMP-01 of Purulia; PIA, IWMP-20 of Paschim Medinipur; PIA, IWMP-21 of Paschim Medinipur; Project Manager, WCDC, Purulia; PHED, W.B., IWWA-Kolkata Centre; Bengal Beverages (P) Ltd. and Coca-Cola India.

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  • S. N. Lahiri
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  • S. P. Sinha Ray
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