Improving Image Quality for Detection of Illegally Parked Vehicle in No Parking Area

  • Rikita Nagar
  • Hiteishi Diwanji
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 106)


Nowadays, due to the increasing use of automobiles, as means of transportation people are facing heavy traffic problem in their day-to-day life. Most common cause of traffic is unauthorized parking on busy road. Generally, people do not find parking space in authorized parking lot or distance to authorized parking is too far, so they encouraged doing parking on roadside. This kind of illegal parking sometimes causes accidents. As high-quality video surveillance cost is reduced, detection of human activity and tracking becomes more practical. But still, detection of vehicles parked in no parking is a major task of the operators at surveillance office. So, there is need for such an automated traffic management system, which can detect vehicle parked in no parking. In the span of the most recent couple of years, numerous methods and framework have been proposed to detect illegally parked vehicle in no parking area. Although detection of an illegally parked vehicle in sudden light changing condition becomes more complex as video captured by the static camera is affected by low illumination or lighting condition. Due to the low contrast quality of the image is also reduced. So, vehicles parked in no parking area are not detected with higher precision and recall. In this work, we introduce steps which enhance image quality with respect to higher PSNR and low MSE for the purpose of detecting an illegally parked vehicle in no parking area.


Vehicle detection Illegally parked vehicle Image quality Adaptive histogram equalization Histogram equalization Contrast enhancement PSNR MSE 


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  1. 1.Government Polytechnic for GirlsAhmedabadIndia
  2. 2.L. D. College of EngineeringAhmedabadIndia

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