Social Capital: The Innovation Culture

  • Sriram Birudavolu
  • Biswajit Nag


The chapter deals with how to set about an innovation culture in an organization. It explores some of the key components for an innovation social capital in an organization, such as ambidextrous thinking and intrapreneurship (which includes customer centricity). It also takes a close look at other important factors such as mastering complexity, using data, securing innovations, resource utilization, and so on.


Innovation culture Social Capital Ambidextrous thinking Intrapreneurship Resource utilization Data literacy Profit center Qualcomm Cybersecurity Complexity Asymmetry Pareto Hackathon Synergy IP—Intellectual property 


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  • Biswajit Nag
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  2. 2.Indian Institute of Foreign TradeNew DelhiIndia

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