Satranidazole and My Pharmaceutical Research Odyssey: A Success Story

  • Prati Pal Singh


The start of my nearly 40 yearlong pharmaceutical research odyssey almost coincides with the beginning of my association with Hindustan Ciba-Geigy Limited, Research Centre, Goregaon, Bombay (now Mumbai), and satranidazole. Satranidazole, an excellent and relatively superior molecule, is the first and the only antiamoebic drug that has been discovered, developed and marketed from India. In future, it may find therapeutic applications for many more indications. It is a product of long-drawn, very expensive and intense scientific and technological efforts, often marred with uncertainties and serendipity, of the dedicated scientists and technicians. Satranidazole had to survive spates of several squabbles but, in the end, has emerged as a champion and seen the light of day. Satranidazole will definitely go a long way to improve and invigorate the quality of human life. Nonetheless, for the new and budding drug researchers, the success story of satranidazole, full of different hues and shades of human complexities, will be a source of distinctive inspiration and has several important lessons to offer.


Amoebiasis Antiamoebic drugs Ciba-Geigy Entamoeba cricetti Entamoeba histolytica Entamoeba muris Experimental models Luminal Satranidazole 



I thank Dr. K. Nagarajan for the encouragement and generously providing some pictures and documents of archival importance related to satranidazole.


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