Lacrimal Apparatus Injury

  • Hai Tao
  • Xibin Zhou
  • Yueyue Li
Part of the Ocular Trauma book series (OCTRA)


Lacrimal apparatus injuries include lacrimal gland injuries and lacrimal duct injuries. The lacrimal gland is located in superior-temporal orbital region, is fixed in the hard orbital rim, and is not easy to be damaged; otherwise, the canaliculus, which is one part of the lacrimal duct, is the right part that its injury is one of the most common types of ocular trauma in clinic. This chapter includes six cases with brief descriptions, illustrating figures and personal tips and pearls, aiming to provide a guide about diagnosis and management of lacrimal apparatus injury.


Lacrimal gland injury Lacrimal duct injury Canalicular laceration Diagnosis and management 


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