Conjunctival Injury

  • Bo Qin
  • Sheng Chen
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The conjunctiva is divided into three parts: the eyelid conjunctiva, the bulbar conjunctiva, and the fornix conjunctiva. Trauma or inflammation can cause conjunctiva cicatricial contraction. The fornix conjunctiva is thicker with larger mobility. The bulbar conjunctiva binds loosely with the underlying fascia, forming a potential gap, which is prone to edema during trauma. Conditions including conjunctival trauma, conjunctival edema and bleeding, are often accompanied by conjunctival sac or conjunctival wound with foreign bodies, such as sands, hairs, scrap iron and so on. Patients may have eye pain, foreign body sensation, tears, and other symptoms. This chapter includes two sections (four cases with brief descriptions, illustrating figures and personal tips and tricks), aiming to provide a guide about diagnosis and management of conjunctival injuries.


Conjunctival injury Laceration Foreign body 


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