Ocular Thermal and Radiation Burns

  • Weiyun Shi
  • Ting Wang
Part of the Ocular Trauma book series (OCTRA)


Ocular thermal and radiation burns are usually caused by molten iron, hot water, hot oil, and ultraviolet and infrared rays and can easily bring about erythema, blisters, and edema and even lead to deep burns of eye tissue and tissue necrosis, which can bring about acute loss of vision and damage of the eye structure, such as the cornea and sclera, and may result in severe visual and facial defects in the later period. This chapter includes four cases with brief descriptions, illustrating figures and personal tips and tricks, aiming to provide a guide about diagnosis and management of ocular thermal and radiation burns.


Ocular thermal and radiation burns Lamellar keratoplasty Penetrating keratoplasty 


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