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This chapter introduces the book by, first of all, explaining the background to the major research project on which it is based: Mobilising the Potential of Active Ageing in Europe (MOPACT). The focus, organisation and scale of the MOPACT project are discussed with emphasis on the policy impact endeavour that was central to its approach. Then the central location of active ageing in the original project and this book is justified with reference to its integrative potential across scientific disciplines, its emphases on the life course and the widespread political support for the idea especially in Europe. Then the concept of social innovation is outlined because it provided an important point of reference for the project and figures in several chapters. This leads on to a discussion of the demographic context of the book, namely the advanced ageing of the European continent. Finally, a chapter by chapter overview is provided covering the main topics examined by each chapter and a brief introduction to their main findings.


Ageing Europe Active ageing Social innovation Active Ageing Index Ageing research 


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