Understanding Human Mobility from Geographical Perspective

  • Shenglin ZhaoEmail author
  • Michael R. Lyu
  • Irwin King
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POI recommendation is a significant service for LBSNs. It recommends new places such as clubs, restaurants, and coffee bars to users. Whether recommended locations meet users’ interests depends on three factors: user preference, social influence, and geographical influence. Especially, capturing the geographical influence plays the most important role for POI recommendations. Previous studies observe that checked-in locations disperse around several centers and employ Gaussian distribution based models to approximate users’ check-in behaviors. Yet centers discovering methods are not satisfactory in prior work. This chapter shows how to exploit Gaussian mixture model (GMM) and genetic algorithm based Gaussian mixture model (GA-GMM) to capture geographical influence. Experimental results on a real-world LBSN dataset show that GMM beats several popular geographical capturing models in terms of POI recommendation, while GA-GMM excludes the effect of outliers and enhances GMM.


POI Recommendation Geographical influence Gaussian mixture model 


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