Cerebral Hematoma with a Micro-AVM: Intra-Arterial DynaCT Angiography-Guided Surgical Excision

  • Vipul GuptaEmail author


A 16-year-old boy presented with sudden-onset severe headache along with right hemiplegia. His level of consciousness was intact. CT scan revealed a hematoma in left posterior frontal region (Fig. 70.1a). DSA revealed a fine network of vessels fed by slightly enlarged cortical branch of left MCA (Fig. 70.1b). Very small aneurysm (white arrow in Fig. 70.1b, c) was seen in the upper part of the abnormal vascularity with a barely discernable draining vein from inferior aspect of the network. Micro-AVM was suspected along with a pseudoaneurysm.

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