Use of Open-Cell Nitinol Stents for Aneurysms with Branch at Base (Ophthalmic and Anterior Choroidal Artery Aneurysms, etc.)

  • Ajit S. PuriEmail author
  • Rajsrinivas Parthasarathy


A 54-year-old lady presented with headache. MRI revealed an incidental para-ophthalmic ICA aneurysm. DSA revealed a small broad-neck para-ophthalmic ICA aneurysm. The ophthalmic artery was noted arising from the base of the sac (Fig. 18.1a). Owing to the broad-neck stent-assisted coiling was planned.

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  2. 2.Vascular Neurology and Neurointerventional SurgeryArtemis Agrim Institute of NeuroscienceGurgaonIndia

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