Research and Development of a Scintillating Fiber Tracker with SiPM Array Read-Out for Application in Space

  • Chiara PerrinaEmail author
  • Philipp Azzarello
  • Franck Cadoux
  • Daniel La Marra
  • Xin Wu
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 212)


Scintillating fibers read-out by arrays of silicon photomultipliers can be complementary to silicon strip detectors for particle trackers in space or represent a viable alternative. Less fragile, more flexible, with no need of wire bonds, they can be used in high resolution charged particle tracking detectors for spaceborne experiments. Two prototypes, a \(1\,\mathrm{m} \) long and a \(70\,\mathrm{cm}\) long ribbon, made of six layers of \(250\,\upmu \mathrm{m}\) diameter fibers, coupled to Hamamatsu silicon photomultiplier arrays and read-out by VATA ASICs have been tested. Preliminary results of a beam test carried out at CERN and the status of the ongoing space qualification process are presented in this contribution.


Scintillating fiber ribbon Silicon photomultiplier array Particle tracking detector Application in space 



We would like to thank the LHCb group of EPFL for the procurement and contribution to the preparation of the fiber ribbons used at the beam test.


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  • Chiara Perrina
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  • Philipp Azzarello
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  • Franck Cadoux
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  • Daniel La Marra
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  • Xin Wu
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