The Financing of Elderly Care: Cross-Industry Diversification



Financial service for the elderly refers to the financial activities carried out by financial institutions to meet consumption, investment and derivative needs of social members in relation to retirement, with the objective of “providing care for the elderly”, with a focus on “services” through “financial means”. It involves a wide range of areas and has inclusiveness, long-term nature, stability, security and other characteristics. In recent years, as population ageing accelerates, a series of policies on financial service for the elderly have been introduced and financial institutions have also made several explorations in this field which is faced with problems such as homogeneous products and insufficient supply. In order to get out the predicaments faced by the development of the industry, we still need to improve the supportive policies, promote pension reforms, and clarify the regulatory framework. In the long run, driven by population aging, financial reforms, product innovation and the development of financial technology, the financial service for the elderly will unleash its great potential.


Financial service for the elderly Population aging Financial innovation Financial regulation Financial technology 


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