Fetal Abdominal Wall Sonography

  • S. Boopathy Vijayaraghavan


Fetal abdominal wall defects are disruptive anomalies which are easily diagnosed on prenatal scan. Sonographic appearance of these defects are described.

Supplementary material

Video 5.1

Ectopia cordis: Axial section of fetal chest showing the heart lying outside the chest (MP4 7735 kb)

Video 5.2

Penatalogy of central: Axial sweep of fetal chest and abdomen showing ectopia cordis and omphalocele (MP4 4463 kb)

Video 5.3

Limb Body Wall Complex in first trimester—Axial sweep of fetus shows evisceration of abdominal contents outside the amniotic sac (MP4 7968 kb)

Video 5.4

Limb Body Wall Complex in first trimester—Sagittal sweep of fetus shows evisceration of abdominal contents outside the amniotic sac (MP4 6519 kb)

Video 5.5

Limb Body Wall Complex in early second trimester—Oblique section shows evisceration of heart and abdominal contents outside the amniotic sac (MP4 1391 kb)

Video 5.6

Limb Body Wall Complex—showing that the eviscerated bowels are fixed to placenta while rest of the fetus moves (MP4 5309 kb)

Video 5.7

Parasitic twin: Axial sweep of fetal abdomen shows the parasitic twin with lower limbs attached to anterior abdominal wall of the fetus (MP4 11751 kb)

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