How Blue–Green Infrastructure Can Create Liveable Cities and Address Climate Change

  • Ryan Shubin
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With the increasing impact of climate change in Asia, the frequency of extreme events that resulted in prolonged weather conditions has become more prevalent in the urban context than ever before. As this change in climate poses a significant problem within the fabric of urban cities, an adaptation of our drainage system has to be sought before the impact of climate change worsens. By looking at the problem on a broader scale, drainage itself becomes a part of an extensive network that consists of the surrounding environment, its greenery and, most importantly, water. The ABC Waters Programme in Singapore envisions a pervasive network of green environment strategies that integrates itself holistically with the drainage system and its surroundings, de-centralizing storm water treatment systems through the use of various features to create an active, beautiful and clean environment that is very much a part of the urban fabric.

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