Naviculocuneiform Arthroscopy: Surgical Approaches and Application

  • Tun Hing Lui


The naviculocuneiform joint is composed of the medial, middle and lateral articulations between the navicular bone and the three cuneiforms [1]. It has the medial, middle and lateral naviculocuneiform articulations sharing the same capsule with multiple ligamentous attachments and tendons that either attach to or course across them [1]. The medial articulation is the largest, followed by the middle and lateral articulations [1]. Various pathologies can occur in this joint including primary arthritis, degenerative joint disease secondary to foot deformity, avascular necrosis of the navicular, Muller-Weiss disease, naviculocuneiform dislocations, dislocation of navicular, tarsal coalition, dorsal boss, synovial chondromatosis or Charcot arthropathy [1–12]. Many surgical procedures of the naviculocuneiform joint are indicated for management of various pathologies of the joint and correction of different foot deformities. Naviculocuneiform arthroscopy is essentially an endoscopic approach to start with. It gains access to the joint by resection of the dorsal capsule [13]. The same approach can also reach the adjacent extra-articular structures, e.g. tibialis anterior tendon and its bursa and dorsal surfaces of the navicular and cuneiform bones.


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