Study on the Relationship Between Highway Freight Volume and Industrial Structure in China on VAR Model

  • Kechao SunEmail author
  • Chunguang Jing
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Transportation has played an important supporting role in the development of the national economy. Road transport is the pillar area of the transportation industry. Research on the Relationship between Highway Freight Volume (HFV) and Industrial Structure, it can provide theoretical support for the rational development of road freight advance strategy. This chapter analyzes the Relationship between (HFV) and the Primary Industry (PI), Secondary Industry (SI) and Tertiary Industry (TI), a smooth series of data were established by taking logarithms and eliminating singular data, using the Vector Autoregressive model (VAR) for analysis. This chapter also does the analysis of the cointegration test, Granger causality test, and impulse response functions, and get the relationship between HFV and PI, SI, and TI.


VAR model Highway freight volume Industrial structure Granger causality test Impulse response function 


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