The Bright Side of Humor

  • Barbara Plester
  • Kerr Inkson


Are things going wrong in your life?
Did you have a bad day at the office?
Did the manager shout?
Did the tea-lady pout?
Did your clients all call you a novice?
If these things are all true
I’ve a tip here for you,
And I want you to take it to heart.
If everything’s bad,
And they’re driving you mad …
Here’s a new way of life you can sta-a-a-a-art ….
When things are getting to you and you think they can’t get worse,
Just smile and sing and dance and laugh and joke!
Don’t let them get you down, don’t cry or whine or shout or curse,
Just laugh and watch your woes go up in smoke!
For there’s something in the rumor that a smiley sense of humor,
Can put a silver lining on each cloud,
And the tea-lady and boss will very soon stop being cross,
But will fill your place of work with laughter loud!
So if you’re feeling blue, and get it right you cannot do,
And life’s a great big heap of steaming shit,
The thing that you must do is just to laugh your way right through,
And shovel it away into life’s pit!
‘Cos it’s very often said that we will very soon be dead,
Turn up our toes and make that deathly croak,
But until that final time, we can make the whole world shine,
If we smile and sing and dance and laugh and joke!
(One more time …)

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