Inter-porosity Exchange in Saturated Double-Porosity Hollow Cylinder Subject to Axisymmetric Load

  • Zhu SongEmail author
  • Yanqiu Xiang
Conference paper


Drilling a borehole in saturated geotechnical materials often results in the excavation disturbed zone constituted by the original porous matrix and the fractures. In order to study the hydro-mechanical behaviors of such double-porosity medium, the analytical solution to the hollow cylinder subject to axisymmetric load is derived with Laplace transform. Emphases have been placed on the inter-porosity behaviors in terms of transport coefficient between the matrix and fractures and the results show a higher value of transport coefficient will accelerate the dissipation in the matrix while increase the pore pressure significantly in the fractures due to the fluid from the matrix.


Double porosity Hydro-mechanical behaviors Hollow cylinder 


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