Study on the Influence of Impermeable Membrane’s Blanket Length on the Seepage of a Dam

  • Lu Yu
  • Zhenying Zhang
  • Chenyang Tu
  • Jincheng Zhang
  • Dazhi WuEmail author
Conference paper


Geotechnical membrane is often used in dam engineering to prevent the seepage. But the research of the influence of impervious membrane on the seepage of a dam is not enough. Combining the indoor model experiment and numerical analysis methods, the influence of the impermeable membrane’s blanket length on the seepage of a dam had been carried out in present paper. By analyzing the results from these two methods, it was found that the seepage quantity of the dam linearly changed with the increase of the blanket length. Besides, bases on the numerical analysis method, the influence of different horizontal impervious blanket length on the seepage of a dam had been investigated, and the calculation formula for different thickness of the foundation had been fitted. Finally, the optimum length of horizontal blanket for different dam foundation was analyzed.


Impermeable membrane Blanket length Dam Seepage 



This paper is funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China under the contract No. 51678533.


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  • Lu Yu
    • 1
  • Zhenying Zhang
    • 1
  • Chenyang Tu
    • 1
  • Jincheng Zhang
    • 1
  • Dazhi Wu
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Zhejiang Sci-Tech UniversityHangzhouChina

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