Plant Vaccines: An Overview

  • Gaurav Kumar
  • Loganathan Karthik
  • Kokati Venkata Bhaskara Rao


Since the ancient times, microbial diseases remain to be one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. Historical literature suggests the devastating effects of microbial diseases outbreaks on the socioeconomic of several countries. In such state, discovery and application of vaccines (microbial origin) gave new hope to the mankind to fight microbial infections in effective ways. Though being very effective, their production complexity, high cost, stability, and application methods remain to be the significant challenges in various countries. Recently, plant vaccines are attaining global attention owing to its numerous advantages over conventional vaccines including ease of production, cost-effectiveness, stability, and easy application (oral). Therefore, this chapter is an effort to summarize the various aspects of plant vaccine including its production, mode of action, and examples.


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