Phosphorus Nutrition: Plant Growth in Response to Deficiency and Excess

  • Hina Malhotra
  • Vandana
  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Renu Pandey


Phosphorus (P) is an essential element determining plants’ growth and productivity. Due to soil fixation of P, its availability in soil is rarely sufficient for optimum growth and development of plants. The uptake of P from soil followed by its long-distance transport and compartmentation in plants is outlined in this chapter. In addition, we briefly discuss the importance of P as a structural component of nucleic acids, sugars and lipids. Furthermore, the role of P in plant’s developmental processes at both cellular and whole plant level, viz. seed germination, seedling establishment, root, shoot, flower and seed development, photosynthesis, respiration and nitrogen fixation, has been discussed. Under P-deficient condition, plants undergo various morphological, physiological and biochemical adaptations, while P toxicity is rarely reported. We also summarize the antagonistic and synergistic interaction of P with other macro- and micronutrients.


Abiotic stress Macronutrients Nutrient deficiencies Plant metabolism Soil fertility 


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