The Logic of Imagination (Preface, Chapter 1 “Myth” 1)

  • Miki Kiyoshi 


The essays in this book, Kōsōryoku no Ronri [『構想力の論理』The Logic of Imagination] Volume 1, were first published in the magazine Shisō [『思想』Thought]. After having been forced to stop by various circumstances, as I attempted to once again continue its writing I felt the need, as much for myself as for the reader, to gather together the first three chapters that had already been published in a single volume. They originally took the form of research notes, but I have elected to publish them here in this original form with very little revision. A complete systematic account must begin where this inquiry reaches its end. The account here will at first be undertaken in a phenomenological form, but later will probably progress to a purely logical form.

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