The Thought and Practice of Hisamatsu Shinichi

  • Imaizumi Motoji 


The life of Hisamatsu Shinichi was one lived from the standpoint of awakening [覚], involving the elucidation of the “religion of awakening” through the “philosophy of awakening”. The various stages in the developmental paradigm of human modes of being that he spoke of from his early period onward were also the stages he himself personally lived through. The ultimate stage he reached in this process was that of the “religion of awakening”. In elucidating the content of this awakening, he first spoke of an “Eastern nothing”[東洋的無], and then expressed and clarified it with other terms such as active nothing [能動的無], existence as nothing [即無的実存], the way of the absolute subject [絶対主体道], and the formless self [無相の自己] .

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