Dorsal Augmentation Using Autogenous Tissue

  • Man Koon Suh


Unlike Western nations, the material most commonly used for dorsal augmentation in aesthetic plastic surgery clinics in Asia still is an implant. The reason is that an implant not only provides a further defined and more beautiful dorsal shape, but also requires shorter operating time without the donor-site morbidity that is associated with autogenous tissue harvesting. Asians have a thicker dorsal skin than Caucasians, which contributes to remarkably low incidences of implant-related complications among Asians. Nonetheless, nasal dorsal augmentation utilizing autogenous tissue still is the ultimate goal for aesthetic rhinoplastic surgeons, due to the fact that autologous tissue is less likely to cause implant-related complications such as infection, dorsal skin thinning and redness, capsular contracture, implant exposure through the tip skin, or vestibular mucosa while providing a less psychological discomfort.

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