Dual Band Micro Strip Patch Antenna for UWB Application

  • Arun KumarEmail author
  • Manish Kumar Singh
Conference paper
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In modern age, life of a human being is closely associated with different kind of technologies to cator the needs of its daily life like, education, health, food production, transportation, communication and many more Technology should be helpful to ease the daily life of a common man. The problems must be addressed in real time system so that relevant remedies can be obtained in time. In today’s digital world wireless technology with high data rate services are the necessity of time to provide the solution in real time systems. Ever increasing to demand for higher data rates require appropriate radiation systems with large bandwidth and stable gain. Microstrip antennas with unidirectional radiation patterns and stable gain are the most useful for this purpose. In the present work, an UWB (Ultra Wide Band) antenna is implemented by using a micro strip patch antenna for application in next generation wireless communication and Internet of Things. A micro strip patch antenna ground plane defect is used to breed multiband applications. The performance of gain, directivity, and bandwidth is enhanced and also reduces the geometry, shape and size of an UWB antenna. Output result reveals efficient performance with respect to wideband operation.


UWB Micro strip Return loss VSWR 


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