A Database for Handwritten Yoruba Characters

  • Samuel Ojumah
  • Sanjay MisraEmail author
  • Adewole Adewumi
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 799)


This paper describes a novel publicly available dataset for research on offline Yoruba handwritten character recognition. It contains a total of 6954 characters being made up of several categories from a total number of 183 writers thus making it the largest available dataset for Yoruba handwriting research. It can be used for designing and evaluating handwritten character recognition systems for the Yoruba language as well as provide valuable insights through writer identification. The dataset has been partitioned into training and test sets being shared into 70% and 30% respectively.


Database Character recognition Yoruba 



This generation of this database was done with help from Learnd Technologies, which helped from the design phase to the scanning phase. The authors thank all members of the Learnd team for the collaboration in the creation the dataset. The financial support of Covenant University Centre for Research Innovation and Discovery (CUCRID) is also acknowledged.


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