Telemedicine: Making Health Care Accessible

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Telemedicine is the confluence of telecommunication technology and medicine. The objective is to develop a low-cost proof of concept of the same, to be implemented in rural areas with minimum access to healthcare facilities. The proposed system consists of biomedical sensors interfaced with embedded technology to read vital information of the patient and store it in a database. This is available to be accessed by a specialist based in a city hospital for remote diagnosis and suggested further treatment. This setup also has provisions for a live video session with the medical practitioner, along with data security features and a unique identification system for each individual based on fingerprint scanning.


Telemedicine ECG Biomedical sensors Fingerprint identification Health care Solar energy Server 



The authors would like to thank Mr. Ashim Purohit, Business Consultant, Director-Advisory Board at AGD, Chairman-Advisory Board India at ChemoTech, for his invaluable guidance and support throughout the course of this project.


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  1. 1.Department of Electronics and Telecommunication EngineeringSVKM’s, D J Sanghvi College of EngineeringMumbaiIndia
  2. 2.Biomedical EngineeringSVKM’s, D J Sanghvi College of EngineeringMumbaiIndia

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