Introduction: China and the Negotiation of WHO FCTC

  • Gonghuan Yang


This chapter, as the introduction of the book “Tobacco Control in China”, described the response to the tobacco use pandemic from international public health community so as to understand the tobacco control in China by the international perspective. Tobacco use pandemic is a global problem and must be solved at the global level. It cannot be solved by traditional public health strategy, but should be solved based on the international law at the legal level! WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) is the important weapon responding the tobacco pandemic under the Globalization. However, the attitudes and actions of the Chinese government during the negotiations on the WHO FCTC have shown that China’s more pursuit of international recognition beyond pursuit of public health and safety, has presaged the setback of the implementation of WHO FCTC in China. Thirdly, the brief review of the tremendous progress made by the most Parties of WHO FCTC over the last 10 years reflects the status of China’s tobacco control described in the following chapters as a mirror.


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