Quality Control and Laboratory Organization

  • Pranab Dey


The term quality control indicates the collection of operational techniques to verify and maintain a desired set level of quality in the laboratory test or process. It is a continuous process and it starts immediately from receiving the specimen to the final dispatch of the report along with post verification of the test result. Quality assurance means the systemic monitoring and evaluation of various areas of the quality control result and quality practice so that the laboratory delivers excellent healthcare service. The quality control involves three important steps: pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic phases. The present chapter covers the various aspects of these three phases of quality control. The chapter also covers the organization of the pathology laboratory and discusses on laboratory construction and equipment, laboratory staffs, organization set-up and laboratory protocol.


Quality control Quality assurance Pre-analytic Analytic Post-analytic phase External quality assurance Proficiency test Laboratory organization 


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