Disorders of the Skin Appendages

  • Lei Cao
  • Ren-Lin Shi
  • Cheng Tan
  • Xin-Ling Bi
  • Ru-Zhi Zhang
  • Liu-Qing Chen
  • Shan Yuan
  • Dimitris Rigopoulos
  • Dong-Lai Ma
  • Wen-Yuan Zhu
  • Heng-Jin Li
  • Zhi-Qiang Yin


This chapter presents with granulosis rubra nasi, Fox-Fordyce disease, ophiasis and sisaipho hair regrowth pattern, pseudopelade of Brocq, alopecia areata sparing white hairs within lesion, coexistence of acquired hypertrichosis and scalp alopecia, woolly hair, monilethrix, pili annulati, trichonodosis, hair cast, trichostasis spinulosa, cutaneous pili migrans, red hair, permanent poliosis after plucking, congenital leukonychia totalis, hyperpigmentation of the nail from lead deposition, longitudinal erythronychia, chromonychias, subungual splinter hemorrhage, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, as well as sebaceous hyperplasia within epidermis after scald.


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