The Relationship Between Bioreactor Design and Feedstock for Optimal Biogas Production

  • Christiane HerrmannEmail author
  • Patrice Ramm
  • Jerry D. Murphy
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


This chapter presents an overview of bioreactor configurations for the production of biogas with an investigation of different enhancement strategies for the conversion of organic biomass to methane. Initially anaerobic digestion (AD) microbial processes are introduced. Subsequently, optimal bioreactor design is examined. The AD process is capable of converting a large variety of feedstocks to carbon dioxide and methane. The performance of microbial conversion is closely linked to feedstock characteristics. As such bioreactor concepts are explored with reference to these feedstock characteristics, and are categorized as either: liquid and low solid content AD; or high-solid AD. Enhancement strategies include the enrichment of active biomass within the reactor through immobilization of microbes, separation of process stages, solid-liquid phase separation, improvement of mass transfer, and conversion of hydrogen and carbon dioxide to methane. Recent reactor developments are considered in each section.


Biogas Methane Liquid anaerobic digestion High-solid anaerobic digestion Solid-state Power-to-Gas Bioreactor design Biomass immobilization 



Anaerobic baffled reactor


Anaerobic contact reactor


Anaerobic digestion


Anaerobic fluidized bed reactor


Anaerobic filter reactor


Anaerobic hybrid reactor


Anaerobic membrane bioreactor


Anaerobic plug-flow reactor


Anaerobic sequencing batch reactor


Chemical oxygen demand


Continuously stirred tank reactor


Expanded granular sludge blanket


Fixed bed disc reactor


Floating bed reactor


Half-submerged two-phase reactor


Hydraulic retention time


Internal circulation reactor


Leach bed reactor


Microbial electrolysis anaerobic digestion reactor


Organic fraction of municipal solid waste


Organic loading rate


Daily added volume of feedstock


Solid retention time


Spiral symmetry stream anaerobic reactor


Trickle-bed reactor


Temperature phased anaerobic digestion


Total solids


Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket


Up-flow anaerobic solid state reactor


Volatile fatty acid


Working volume of the reactor


Volatile solids


Volatile suspended solids


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