Study on Technical and Economic Limit of Layer Recombination and Well Pattern Adjustment

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Three types of displacement mode coexist in NS Development Area at present, which include water, polymer flooding, alkaline surfactant polymer flooding. The layers and well pattern staggered, and the injection—production relationship is complex, which lead to many difficulties on the adjustment of development plan. Combining with the characteristics of reservoir and the well pattern deployment, this paper introduces the economic evaluation parameters and studies the limit of exploitable reserve and the limit of effective thickness of single newly drilled well under the different crude oil price. Through the numerical simulation research, the limits of injector–producer distance, permeability differential, and maximum production well segment span are obtained. At the same time, the water flooding and the chemical flooding well pattern are considered coordinately, and the technical policy limits are summarized. The conclusion of the study will help the well pattern adjustment both the water flooding and the chemical flooding and also help to lay the foundation for the long-term development.


Technical and economic limits Layer recombination Well pattern adjustment Crude oil price 


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