Arrest and Prosecution of Japanese Major War Criminals

  • Mei Ju-ao


This chapter briefly introduces the arrest and prosecution of Japanese major war criminals. To begin with, four arrest warrants of major war criminals from the General Headquarters are introduced, with a total of 118 criminals. Then Dr. Mei goes on introducing the preparatory investigation and prosecution on the war criminals by the International Prosecution Section, which consists of three major works of interrogation and confession, finding materials related to the crimes of the defendants and sending people to conduct on-the-spot interviews and investigations. The next part brings up the selection of, and bibliographic guide to, 28 defendant criminals, elaborating on how many of them and who should be prosecuted as the first defendants and submitted to the court for trial as well as the beginning and end of those crimes. A list of personal resumes is then discussed. The fourth section of this chapter introduces China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union Indictments of Major Japanese War Criminals, and the last section focuses on the characteristics and defects of the indictments.

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