The Establishment of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and Its Jurisdiction

  • Mei Ju-ao


This chapter briefly discusses the establishment of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. By comparing the differences of international trials between World War I and World War II, Dr. Mei highly commends the act of placing major war criminals on an international trial, one that is bold and innovative. He then points out the lessons that we have learned from the international trials, especially the Leipzig Trials, after World War I and the rationale behind those failures. He then elaborates on how the preparatory work for conducting an international trial was done and shares with us the details of the process of establishing the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals. Dr. Mei also gives a cogent analysis on the Tribunals’ jurisdictions by referring to the Tokyo and Nuremberg Charters and goes into detail about what types of crimes are punishable by the Tribunals. He ends the chapter by clarifying the Class-A war criminals.

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